Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Snuggie

A blanket with sleeves. Genius. Kudos to Megan for passing this video along. I've seen infomercials for this before:

I love how they try to rationalize owning a snuggie because your hands get trapped inside of a blanket when you try to reach for something. Are we this lazy, America? Because it takes so much effort to lift your hands out of those ridiculously heavy blankets. Honestly, I don't know how all of those old women can make quilts without scoring some 'roids.

To be honest, I'm kind of creeped out by snuggies. Is it just me or does everyone wearing a snuggie look like a member of a cult? I'm just waiting for them to cut to a scene with a snuggie-wearer sacrificing a baby.

My favorite part by far is at about 1:04 with the snuggie family high-fiving each other at the sporting event. I'm really disappointed that my entire family didn't show up at my baseball games in matching snuggies so my teammates could make fun of me for being the kid with the weird family.

On another note, I went and saw Marley and Me yesterday. It kind of made me think that Ari might not be so bad after all. A flashback to more innocent days:


Matthew said...

A snuggy is nothing more than a large bathrobe or maybe its just a bathrobe made for really fat people being warn by normal size people


Megan said...

NO! A suggy is very different from a bathrobe. Snuggies don't have a back, giving you more freedom to move around. Clearly a bathrobe is restrictive making the snuggy a better choice.

Jabba said...

Aww Ari... :) She looks so innocent in that picture.. I think living in the big city has changed her a little. :)

Doug said...

Personally, I would rather have the Tiddy Bear

Big Ernie McCracken said...


hhoohooho The Tiddy Bear

That cannot be real. One of the comments on that video summed it all up:

"I want to be a Tiddy Bear in my second life."

Dan said...

No, a snuggie is a bathrobe. If you have a bathrobe and want a snuggie just turn it around and wear it backwards. Simple as that. Oh, and Ari was never innocent, no matter how cute she looks on that pissed stained couch.

Megan said...

No. How many bathrobes do you know of that reach all the way to cover your feet? Sorry snuggies still are still the obvious superior

Eliza said...

I must agree with Megan that Snuggies is not a bathrobe and
I am pretty sure a perv came up with the Tiddy Bear....hence calling it Tiddy rather than Teddy... haha