Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ok I'm Back...

...at least until the sweet nectar of rigamortis-like laziness becomes too sweet to ignore. Which, let's be honest, I'm putting the over-under at 2 posts for the rest of 2009.

But anyway, I was reading cnn.com on my way home from work tonight and one of the headlines said "Tanning Beds as Deadly as Arsenic"

Well, it's official then...natural selection has finally caught up to sorority girls.

And the Public Transportation Quote of the Day goes to the lady sitting behind me on the El yelling into her cell phone:

"I ain't gonna be FREAKING my boyfriend with her right there in the bedroom with us."

Guess she never lived in the dorms.


Scott Kushner said...

Welcome back Big Ern. You were dearly missed.

Nice to see you come back with a splash involving tanning beds.

Jabba said...

speaking of tanning.. "Do you tan?"

Hahahah.. well at least the public transportation is amusing. keep writing!