Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dpark Cometh

So today got off to a great start. Ari pooped on the dining room floor and I dropped my keys in the toilet. Awesome.

Talked to Dpark this afternoon and everybody's favorite used car salesman is flying in next weekend to paint the town "dude yeah right!" It'll be interesting, considering he hates the cold and turns into a Betty Buzzkill anytime the temperature drops below 45--the forecast for his visit sounds fabulous too--high of 22 and a low of 13. Suffering? You haven't seen suffering yet.

Big Ern: So it's going to be pretty cold. You got a coat, gloves, a hat, all that stuff?
Dpark: Yeah, I got all that.
Big Ern: What about a scarf?
Dpark: A scarf? No, cuz I'm not gay.
Big Ern: What? I have a scarf.
Dpark: Exactly.

Son of a bitch. I walked right into that one.

On a brighter note, I did receive my Christmas card from Megan. I set it on fire once I realized there wasn't any money inside. Kidding. Thank you Megan.

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Megan said...

I always like to spread holiday cheer where ever I can. Please don't let Ari eat the card until after Christmas.