Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome to the Thunderdome

So the governor of Illinois got arrested this morning. Mildly entertaining. Please tell me that means we can turn Illinois into a land of lawlessness. Clearly, the first order of business should be to officially change the name of Chicago to Bartertown and construct a Thunderdome in Daley Plaza.

The only rule is....there are no rules.

On another note, I had an epiphany yesterday. I'm walking around downtown and all of a sudden it occurs to me; I've never seen an Applebee's in Chicago. Medicore food. Riblet platters. Generic decor. Flare. None of it's here. I don't care what anyone says, I'm putting the blinders on and keeping hope alive that there are no Applebee's in the city of Chicago.


Aaron Simon said...

I think Chicago could set an example for the rest of the U.S. by setting up a Thunderdome. It's time we replaced lawsuits with combat.

Next up: NFL becomes Mortal Kombat.

Big Ernie McCracken said...

Two men enter, one man leaves!

Anonymous said...

You may be in luck -


I don't know if that is walking distance though...