Monday, November 10, 2008

All-Alien Team

The NBA has many accolades it hands out to star players--the All-Star team, All-Rookie team, the All-Defensive team, etc. I've often discussed my own NBA awards team, consisting of players who literally resemble extraterrestrials. Granted this conversation usually only occurs when my brain is soaking in a pool of Natural Light, but that is neither here nor there. Behold the All-Alien team:

Sam Cassell
This is a no brainer. Elongated head, no hair, no eyebrows; classic alien characteristics. Still not convinced? Take a look at this:

The evidence speaks for itself.

Reggie Miller
Star Trek: Deep Space 9 fans have long known the link between Reggie Miller and Quark, the show's mischievous Ferengi bartender. The ears, razor sharp teeth--these two were obviously separated at birth.

Steve Nash
A two-time MVP and he's Canadian? Heh, I don't think so. This guy's got alien written all over him. Observe the classic oval shaped head.

Tayshaun Prince
Ahh, Miller vs. Prince. The 2003-2004 Eastern Conference Finals, a great moment in alien basketball history. As you can see here, Prince is clearly the superior being. No human has limbs this long.

Joakim Noah
You might recall Noah from Return of the Jedi. Before his days with the Chicago Bulls, he often hung out in the basement of Jabba's Palace, eating the heads off of bounty hunters, exotic dancers with sweatpants on their heads and any other employees who fell out of favor with Jabba. Hopefully Hutt at least offered a decent 401K. Clearly dental isn't included in the benefits package.

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Matthew said...

Very nice sir, but you left off Darius Miles who resembles the Predator like none other.