Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama 2008

Thank. You. God. I'm beginning to regain faith in the American people.

In order to vote for McCain I honestly believe you have to either be:

a) Rich and selfish
b) Really dumb
c) Someone who wears bow-ties
d) Too stubborn to admit the War in Iraq was a REALLY bad idea
e) A proponent of Christianity meddling in politics

Luckily there aren't as many fraternity guys, religious zealots and unread scalawags as 2004 would have us believe. Looking forward to a competent president.


AANelson said...

My thoughts exactly! I'm confident that MY vice-pres can name all the continents

Will said...

in all fairness, some fraternity guys do vote Democrat...

Will said...

...but most are complete morons