Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ari's Big Adventure

So tonight I let Ari out around 9 p.m. to this park right across the street from my place. Like every other day, I let her off the leash and let her do her business. But once in a very long while, she decides she's ready to go back up to my apartment right away, with or without Big Ern. Tonight she did just that: takes off toward my apartment and gets hit by a car.

I immediately start running over to make sure she's ok. Of course she's terrified and pops up and starts sprinting away from the car and down the street. I chase after her, but she's got a step or two on me and within a matter of seconds she turns down another street and is completely gone. There's a cop right there who saw everything and asks if I want to jump in and look for her. So I get in and he goes over the radio to tell the other patrol cars in the area to let him know if they see a stray dog.

About 10 minutes later we come across another cop car that says she ran past them right by Wrigley Field.

Cop: That fucker was bookin'!

We looked around my neighborhood for about 45 minutes with no luck. Finally, he dropped me off back at my apartment and took down my phone number in case someone found her.

At this point it's about 10 p.m. and I'm losing hope that I'm going to find her. For all I knew she could be downtown, in an animal shelter or dead in the street. But I had to keep looking, so I walked back down to Wrigley.

When I take her for a walk, we usually go down Southport Ave., which is about a mile and a half from my place and where I generally like to hang out. I figured there might be a small chance she remembered and she might be down there.

Sure enough, an hour and a half after she ran off, I see a couple walking up to their car with her on Southport, about to take her to an animal shelter. Relief doesn't even describe it. These people must've thought I was some kind of psycho.

I asked them where they found her and no joke, this is what the woman said:

"You know that bar Cullen's? She was just hanging around outside there."


Megan said...

Were there any injuries sustained from the car accident that could possibly hinder her success in the straight to DVD movie business?

Philip said...

it's karma for her eating all my shit.

Jabba said...

aww Ari.. she's a regular at Cullen's I see. Poor baby.. hope she's ok. Tell her to get a Gimlet while she's at Cullen's, that'll take the edge off.

Big Ernie McCracken said...

Thankfully she's completely ok and her future as a straight to DVD movie star remains intact.

Phil you need to booby trap your bag next time. Mousetraps should do the trick.